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project consulting

Through the implementation of best practices and methodologies, with all the experience acquired, we collaborate with our clients in the implementation of customized solutions for each business, in Microsoft and Open Source platforms

mobile business

Consulting of innovative processes oriented to the business. Professional consulting service that guarantees our clients the implementation of competitive business strategies, allowing an adaptation to the new technologies.

outsourcing IT

Through the use of IS outsourcing companies can focus more on their core business, leaving IT issues to our care. Helponbiz offers you a set of services that can adapt to your needs, from total outsourcing.


business products


The GO app enables operational management of services. From control to real-time asset assignment of assets on the ground, the GO application has the flexibility to enable such management online. The GO application also provides reports with the management information needed to monitor the team, and consequently a more concise operational management of the teams, improving the profitability of the service.


TicketOnBiz, an incident management application, was developed on Microsoft technologies and offers greater capacity to manage, track, record and resolve occurrences reported to a helpdesk service, as well as generate activity documents in order to resolve these occurrences.

web app utilities

The SmsOnBiz product was developed to serve as a gateway between companies and telecommunication operators in the exchange of information with customers, partners and employees via SMS.

Partners and clients


A Helponbiz s located in the Technological Pole of Lisbon since 2003, integrating a group of several innovative companies.

Lispólis - Pólo Tecnológico de Lisboa
Rua António Champalimaud, CID - Lote 1
1600-546 Lisboa

T. (+351) 217 102 567
F. (+351) 217 101 103

commercial management - Joao Castel-Branco
Technical management - Jorge constancio
Financial management - fernando costal mendes